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RickToney01: RT Lady Lilith (1868) Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works ->

worldpainting2: The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (1849) Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works ->

worldpainting2: Lady Lilith (1868) Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works ->

artist_rossetti: Self-Portrait, 1855

ArgentArts: Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Jigsaw Puzzle

artist_rossetti: Belcolore, 1880

GuyLongworth: “The action is laid in hell, – only it seems places and people have English names there."—Dante Gabriel Rossetti, on Wuthering Heights.

RealSardonicus: Helen of Troy by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1863

artist_rossetti: Drawing, 1882

CrannisDominic: Someday I will have a house like Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

artist_rossetti: Silence, 1870

artist_rossetti: Arthur`s Tomb, 1855

artist_rossetti: The Women's Window, 1879

artist_rossetti: Saint George and the Princess Sabra, 1862

artist_rossetti: The Passover in the Holy Family Gathering Bitter Herbs, 1856

artist_rossetti: The Salutation of Beatrice, 1859

horcruxi: • ep 6 (season finale) -Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1870) -Study of Guinevere for Sir Launcelot in the Queen's Chamber by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1857)

juniperlennon: good morning! i hope everyone is well! here is Paolo and Francesca da Rimini by Dante Gabriel Rossetti :)

postales_cartes: Peinture - The Bower Meadow - Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882) -

artist_rossetti: Giotto Painting the Portrait of Dante, 1852

arkadismus: “Portrait of Miss Alexa Wilding” (Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1879)

JorgeChiarelli: Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882) The Blue Bower (Model - Fanny Cornforth), 1865 oil on canvas Height: 84 cm (33 in); Width: 70.9 cm (27.9 in) Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, UK

Superkalifragi3: Joan of Arc by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poster


artist_rossetti: Proserpine, 1874

artsfemin: Dante Gabriel Rossetti Between 1865 and 1866, Rossetti painted The Beloved (The Bride), a large-scale work illustrating the Biblical tale of the Song of Solomon and featuring other figures of colour, including an…

artist_rossetti: The Twig, 1865

artistsrifles: Dante Gabriel Rossetti was a founding member of the Artists Rifles - Reposted from martin beisly Dante's Dream on the Day of the Death of Beatrice by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) Rossetti had a lifelong…

artsfemin: Dante Gabriel Rossetti Sometime between 1863 and 1865, Rossetti himself created this wonderful sketch of Eaton, which is in Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center Collection. In 1865, Rossetti wrote to Ford…

artist_rossetti: Jane Morris, 1860

artist_rossetti: Joan of Arc, 1882

poetictouch: Gather a shell from the strown beach And listen at its lips: they sigh The same desire and mystery, The echo of the whole sea's speech. And all mankind is thus at heart Not any thing but what thou art: And Earth, Sea, Man, are all in each. ~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti

apolobelvedere: Anne Shirley as “Daydream” or “Monna Primavera” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Inmediopugna: Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Grave Of Arthur , 1860. Tate Britain, London.

mediascomm: The J. Paul Getty Museum, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (British, 1828 - 1882), Portrait of Elizabeth Siddal Resting, Holding a Parasol, British, about 1852–1855

yortiz450: Rosa Triplex: A triple portrait of May Morris, 1874 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882)

artist_rossetti: Aurelia, 1879

queerlitbot: Forget it not, nay; but got it not, for none could get it till now. Sappho, trans. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, One Girl

CanadianOpera: Composed in 1903, “Silent Noon” is part of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ famous cycle, The House of Life, which sets six sonnets by poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti. On July 9, Joel Allison performs "Silent Noon" in our Songs of Hope concert. Register to attend at

artist_rossetti: The Lady of Pity (La Donna della Finestra), 1870

Ishmaelphineas: 5. In the last 13 years, I’ve begun to trust Reality. It’s led my music to be more organic, like the paintings of Burne-Jones or Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Plastic_Khanate: Also, this cartoon of Morris by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Orions_belt9: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, How They Met Themselves, watercolor, 1864

lizcurrant: Surprisingly impressive feminisation of Dante Gabriel Rossetti from a self portrait.

artist_rossetti: Annie Miller, 1877

favisjewish: art: 1st - Lady Lilith 1866-1873) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 2nd - Lilith (1887) by John Collier 3rd - Lamia (1905) by John William Waterhouse 4th - Lilith (1922) by Ernst Barlach

RickToney01: RT The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (1849) Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works ->

surfaceview: The Day Dream by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. What could they be dreaming of? Maybe ways to get their loved one to buy them one of our new fabulous gift vouchers!

worldpainting2: The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (1849) Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works ->

artinstitutechi: Named after the 13th-century poet, Dante Gabriel Rossetti found inspiration for "Beata Beatrix" in his namesake's 'La Vita Nuova.' A deeply personal work, Rossetti's symbolism combines details from his own life with those from Dante's story:

CapertonFineArt: Death of Beatrice Lovely image from the Pre-Raphaelites of the Dream of Dante at the Death of Beatrice: ,

artist_rossetti: Jane Morris, 1870

Boriswuk: ✍️✍️ 'yesteryear (n.)'- coined 1870 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti to translate French 'antan' in a refrain by François Villon: "Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?" rendered by Rossetti as: "But where are the snows of yesteryear?"

postales_cartes: Peinture - The Daydream - Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882) -

HerreidJohn: Madonna and Child by Elizabeth Siddal, 19th century. Elizabeth Siddal was an amateur artist and poet who became a popular model for the Pre-Raphaelites, eventually marrying the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

wrayfoundation: A really nice story reminding us not to give up too early. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the famous 19th-century poet and artist, was once approached by an elderly man.

artist_rossetti: Self-Portrait, 1847

Faust89823700: Dante`s Vision of Rachel and Leah Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1855

Faust89823700: Study of Guinevere for Lancelot in the Queen`s Chamber Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1857

1alert1: Dr. Johnson at the Mitre, 1860 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (British painter) 1828 - 1882

higginsbedford: Have you played our new jigsaws yet? Includes artworks by JMW Turner & Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Have a go and see if you can beat the top score:

hiddenEurope: One of our Letter from Europe e-briefs ten years ago (June 2010) told how Dante Gabriel Rossetti wept at the death of his pet wombat. The poet kept a kangaroo, racoon and zebu at his London home.

artist_rossetti: The Boat of Love, 1874

plutoniangay: Lo! As that youth's eyes burned at thine, so went Thy spell through him, and left his straight neck bent And round his heart one strangling golden hair.’ ‘Lady Lilith’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1st pic & corresponding sonnet)

artist_rossetti: The Beloved, 1866

artist_rossetti: The Bower Meadow, 1872

artist_rossetti: The Garland, 1874

alessia_chic: Episode 39, where I nearly spent more time talking about Dante Gabriel Rossetti than the canto

KateWilliamsme: And then exhume their dead bodies in an attempt to get that ‘inspiration’ back - and yes I mean YOU Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

artist_rossetti: Writing on the Sand, 1859

artist_rossetti: May Morris, 1872

heyjudeTT: Posted about her quite a lot recently; she's haunting me. Fanny Antwistle Eaton, born in Jamaica on June 23, 1835, months after the formal abolition of Caribbean slavery. She died in London less than 100 years ago. Drawing by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

artist_rossetti: Regina Cordium: Alice Wilding, 1866

hankbukowsi: Coronavirus crisis has been providing me an excuse to wear my hair like a young Dante Gabriel Rossetti, but this 90 degree weather has me rethinking my Pre-Raphaelite stylings.

Obsession_of_ae: "The Day Dream" by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. (1880)

ham_drawing: Portrait Head of Jane Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1865

artist_rossetti: Kissed Mouth, 1881

SUCCESSlON: Joan of Arc depictions by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

haIfhope: lady lilith (details) by dante gabriel rossetti

juniperlennon: I just bought this rare book of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s works and it’s so beautiful and I’m going to pass out when it gets here oh my god

artist_rossetti: The Childhood of Mary Virgin, 1849

exitthelemming: 303 The Kiss by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

artist_rossetti: Saint Catherine, 1857

ArgentArts: Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Throw Pillow

artistsrifles: Dante Gabriel Rossetti was a founding member of the Artists Rifles - Reposted from d.g.rossetti Now who is the artist behind this 1863 painting “My Lady Greensleeves”? Of course it’s one of mine, with the model…

threecolorsbIue: found an ig acc that roleplays as dante gabriel rossetti

bunnysnout: ok so i am reading this one guys biography and then i want to start the mapplethorpe biography i have and also tori amos's kind of autobiography and debbie harrys biography but i just found out dante gabriel rossetti has a biography too so IDK i want it but i gotta be sensible

artistsrifles: Dante Gabriel Rossetti was a founding member of the Artists Rifles - Reposted from martin beisly The Beloved ('The Bride') by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) The Beloved is inspired by the biblical Song of…

TarotGnostic: To be able to truly love requires to be able to surrender completely to love. Artwork by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, "The Holy Grail"

juniperlennon: I couldn’t even wait any longer! “A Vision of Fiametta” Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1878, Oil One of my most favorite paintings ever due to color and detail. Within the Romantic Period but classified as Pre-Ralphalite. What’s you’re fave part/detail of it?

stevenbold: 10 Hand Painted Art Paintings by College Teachers – A Vision of Fiammetta Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Oil Painting on Canvas

artist_rossetti: A Christmas Carol, 1867

artist_rossetti: Golden Water, 1858

faeriesfang: The Day Dream by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1880) or me yearning over sapphic love until I'm made tender again

JeremyBrettHQ: The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton was published in The Strand this month in 1904. Milverton was based on a real blackmailer, Charles Augustus Howell, an art dealer who preyed upon an unknown number of people, including the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

artist_rossetti: Image of a sketch and poem showing subject and author, 1869

chloellene: “The Day Dream” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1880.

RickToney01: RT The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (1849) Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works ->

artist_rossetti: The Laboratory, 1849

artist_rossetti: The loving cup, 1867

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