For Our Lady Of The Rocks By Leonardo Da Vinci Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Mother is this the darkness of the endA
The Shadow of Death and is that outer seaB
Infinite imminent EternityB
And does the death pang by man's seed sustainedC
In Time's each instant cause thy face to bendA
Its silent prayer upon the Son while HeB
Blesses the dead with His hand silentlyB
To His long day which hours no more offendA
Mother of grace the pass is difficultD
Keen as these rocks and the bewildered soulsE
Throng it like echoes blindly shuddering throughF
Thy name O Lord each spirit's voice extolsE
Whose peace abides in the dark avenueF
Amid the bitterness of things occultD

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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