All the devils are here,
Instilling our hearts with fear,
Filling our eyes with tears,
Causing our smiles to disappear.
Like a vehicle off the rear,
They toss us here and there.
Throwing north our thoughts,
And rolling south our guts.

All the devils are here,
Blinding our conscience from goodness,
And unveiling to our hearts, wickedness,
Taming our minds with wild fantasies,
Making us do evil to bring them to reality,
Turning every possibility to impossibility.

All the devils are here,
Friends; showing fake love in our nest,
Rearing hatred for the next,
Pulling us from our best,
Directing us to the worst.
Turning our happiness into woes
Influencing our true friends into foes,
So we murder, lie and steal,
Oblivious with the thoughts of being real.
All the devils are here,
Indicating that the end is near.