Who is Dacosta Kofi Aboagye

DaCosta Kofi Aboagye is a son, brother, friend, poet, teacher, creative writer, performance poet; who is under amelioration in life's journey by scribbling every bit of him. So he lives it or leaves it and then writes it. He believes that a poem a day inspires the world.. Proudly Ghanaian with the pen name DaCosta de Poet....
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Dacosta Kofi Aboagye Poems

  • Third Eye
    We have no third eye to tell who's fake and real, pure and true
    for the very pores
    through which our flaws
    get washed to the shores ...
  • Good Friday
    Onward we go to Golgotha
    The place of skulls and bones, Yo Isaiah don’t forget to bring along some stones to stone the Messiah
    For onward He marches on carrying a heavy cross.
    To us it was just a cross but in reality it was the burden of humanity he was made to bear for all eternity ...
  • April Fool
    Believed to be the first month of the year,
    It’s now a day when people joke around without fear.
    April Fool, ...
  • Be Successful
    Success is not always something which is structured,
    It may come out of the blue unstructured,
    It often flies off track like a bird about to be captured.
    Seldom comes as a full package without suffering, ...
  • Bravery Not Slavery
    With creaking boards upon our heads,
    Our stomachs and rats chased after the same bread.
    The very brave black self,
    Was packed on deck like books on a shelf. ...
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Dacosta Kofi Aboagye Quotes

  • I didn't make myself a poet, words did. And in the beginning was the Word.
  • Don't just love to live but rather Live to love.
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