All The Devils Are Here Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


All the devils are hereB
Instilling our hearts with fearC
Filling our eyes with tearsD
Causing our smiles to disappearC
Like a vehicle off the rearC
They toss us here and thereE
Throwing north our thoughtsF
And rolling south our gutsG
All the devils are hereB
Blinding our conscience from goodnessH
And unveiling to our hearts wickednessH
Taming our minds with wild fantasiesI
Making us do evil to bring them to realityJ
Turning every possibility to impossibilityJ
All the devils are hereB
Friends showing fake love in our nestK
Rearing hatred for the nextL
Pulling us from our bestK
Directing us to the worstM
Turning our happiness into woesN
Influencing our true friends into foesN
So we murder lie and stealO
Oblivious with the thoughts of being realO
All the devils are hereB
Indicating that the end is nearC

Dacosta Kofi Aboagye


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