Wonders huh!
Wonderfully strange loving is,
Wonders shall never end!
Yet in your case I thought it did.
In wondering for more,
You shut me behind the door.
In the end loosing all,
Even the love we shared before,
Causing pain but I still love you all the same.
Isn't love strange?
What's to happen;
When one doesn't say anything?
After all I can only imagine, some memories and moments
Never fade,
Some things do not change,
No matter in what range.
Sometimes you appear strange,
Yet behind the veils,
You breathe nothing but wails,
Caring more for someone who cares less.
Isn't love strange?
But I have to rest my eyes to face the day,
So I don't fall away,
And find myself in the month of May,
When the least remaining would be left to decay,
Then let me lead you down the hallway,
Adjacent the narrow bay,
Across the motorway,
To the Dreamlands in Norway,
Before the June July Rains rain ruin,
Even if it does, your side I'll forever remain.
Isn't love strange?