Carnival Time Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now is the season of CarnivalA
Who's for the sunlit courseB
Who's for the beat of galloping feetC
And the day and the way of the horseB
Who joins the dance tho' Lady ChanceD
Pleasure or pain may yieldE
Who comes to the call of CarnivalA
'Seven to four the field 'F
This is the week of the CarnivalA
And the sign of a brighter dawnG
In men's affairs Who sheds old caresH
Where gay frocks fleck the lawnG
Who would forget old days of fretI
Who comes to the call of mirthJ
And the conquering steeds They're off Who leadsK
And the hoof beats spurn the earthJ
Then Hi for the height of CarnivalA
Gayer than all gone pastL
And the nameless fears of the deadening yearsM
Forsake men's minds at lastL
Bright jackets flash beneath the sunN
As the roar of the crowd beginsO
And lifts and swells at a great home runN
'Who leads Who lasts Who wins '-
Ho for the call of CarnivalA
Way for the Sport of KingsP
And men grown sane turn once againQ
To all that high hope bringsP
Who's for the Carnival Who grows gayR
Where galloping Fortune speedsK
Around the turn to gallop our wayR
With the galloping galloping steedsK

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis


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