'a Gallant Gentleman' Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A month ago the world grew grey fer meA
A month ago the light went out fer RoseB
To 'er they broke it gentle as might beA
But fer 'is pal 'twus one uv them swift blowsB
That stops the 'eart beat fer to me it cameC
Jist 'Killed in Action ' an' beneath 'is nameC
'Ow many times 'ave I sat dreamin' 'ereD
An' seen the boys returnin' gay an' proudE
I've seen the greetin's 'eard 'is rousin' cheerD
An' watched ole Mick come stridin' thro' the crowdE
'Ow many times 'ave I sat in this chairD
An' seen 'is 'ard chiv grinnin' over thereD
'E's laughed an' told me stories uv the warD
Changed some 'e looked but still the same ole MickF
Keener an' cleaner than 'e wus beforeD
'E's took me 'and an' said 'e's in great nickF
Sich wus the dreamin's uv a fool 'oo triedG
To jist crack 'ardy an' 'old gloom asideG
An' now well wot's the odds I'm only oneH
One out uv many 'oo 'as lost a friendI
Manlike I'll bounce again an' find me funH
But fer Poor Rose it seems the bitter endI
Fer Rose an' sich as Rose when one man diesJ
It seems the world goes black before their eyesJ
Ar well if Mick could 'ear me blither nowK
I know jist wot 'e'd say an' 'ow 'e'd lookL
'Aw cut it out mate chuck that silly rowD
There ain't so sense in takin' sich things crookL
I've took me gamble an' there's none to blameC
Becos I drew a blank it's in the game '-
A parson cove he broke the noos to RoseB
A friend uv mine a bloke wiv snowy 'airD
An' gentle soothin' sort o'ways 'oo goesB
Thro' life jist 'umpin' others' loads uv careD
Instid uv Mick jist one rough soljer ladM
Yeh'd think 'e'd lost the dearest friend 'e 'adM
But 'ow kin blows be sof'n'd sich as thatM
Rose took it as 'er sort must take sich thingsN
An' if the jolt uv it 'as knocked me flatM
Well 'oo is there to blame 'er if it bringsN
Black thorts that comes to women when they fretsO
An' makes 'er tork wild tork an' foolish threatsO
An' then there comes the letter that wus sentM
To give the strength uv Ginger's passin' outM
A long straight letter frum a bloke called TrentM
'Tain't no use tellin' wot it's orl aboutM
There's things that's in it I kin see quite clearD
Ole Ginger Mick ud be ashamed to 'earD
Things praisin 'im that pore ole Mick ud sayP
Wus comin' it too 'ot fer spare me daysQ
I well remember that 'e 'ad a wayP
Uv curlin' up when 'e wus slung bokaysQ
An' Trent 'e seems to think that in some wayP
'E owes Mick somethin' that 'e can't repayP
Well p'raps 'e does an' in the note 'e sendsQ
'E arsts if Mick 'as people 'e kin findM
Fer Trent's an English toff wiv swanky friendsQ
An' wants to 'elp wot Ginger's left be'indM
'E sez strange things in this 'ere note 'e sendsQ
'He was a gallant gentleman ' it endsQ
A gallant gentleman Well I dunnoD
I 'ardly think that Mick ud like that nameC
But this 'ere Trent's a toff an' ort to knowD
The breedin' uv the stock frum which 'e cameC
Gallant an' game Mick might 'a' bin but thenR
Lord Fancy 'im among the gentlemenS
'E wus a man that's good enough fer meA
'Oo wus 'is cobber many years beforeD
'E writ it plain fer other blokes to seeA
An' proved it good an' pleny at the warD
'E wus a man an' by the way 'e diedM
'E wus a man 'is friend can claim wiv prideM
The way 'e died Gawd but it makes me proudM
I ever 'eld 'is 'and to read that taleT
An' Trent is one uv that 'igh steppin' crowdM
That don't sling pral'se around be ev'ry mailT
To 'im it seemed some great 'eroic lurkU
But Mick I know jist took it wiv 'is workU
No matter wot 'e done It's jist a thingV
I knoo 'e'd do if once 'e got the showD
An' it would never please 'im fer to slingV
Tall tork at 'im jist cos 'e acted soD
'Don't make a song uv it ' I 'ear 'im growlW
'I've done me limit an' tossed in the tow'l '-
This little job 'e knoo an' I know wellX
A thousand uv 'is cobbers would 'ave doneH
Fer they are soljers an' it's crook to tellX
A tale that marks fer praise a single oneH
An' that's 'ow Mick wopuold 'ave it as I kowV
An' as 'e'd 'ave it so we'll let it goV
Trent tells 'ow when they found 'im near the endM
'E starts a fag an' grins orl bright an' gayV
An' when they arsts fer messages to sendM
To friends 'is look goes dreamin' far awayV
'Look after Rose ' 'e sez 'when I move onY
Look after Rose Mafeesh ' An' 'e wus goneZ
'We buried 'im ' sez Trent 'down by the beachA2
We put mimosa on the mound uv sandM
Above 'im 'Twus the nearest thing in reachA2
To golden wattle uv 'is native landM
But never wus the fairest wattle wreathB2
More golden than the 'eart uv 'im beneath '-
An' so Mafeesh as Mick 'ad learned to sayV
'E's finished an' there's few 'as marked 'im goV
Only one soljer outed in the frayV
'Oo took 'is gamble an' 'oo 'a 'is showV
There's few to mourn 'im an' the less they leaveC2
The less uv sorrer fewer 'earts to grieveC2
An' when I'm feelin' blue an' mopin' 'ereV
About h epal I've lorst Doreen my wifemA
She come an' takes my 'and an' tells me 'DearV
Ther's be more cause to mourn a wasted lifeD2
'E proved 'imself a man an' 'e's at rest '-
An' so I tries to think sich things is bestM
A gallant gentleman Well let it goV
They sez they've put them words above 'is 'eadM
Out there where lonely graves stretch in a rowV
But Mick 'ell never mind it now 'e's deadM
An' where 'e's gone when they weigh praise an' blameA
P'raps gentlemen an' men is much the sameA
They fights an' orl the land is filled wiv cheersQ
They dies an' 'ere an' there a 'eart is brokeV
An' when I weighs it orl the shouts the tearsQ
I sees it's well Mick wus a lonely blokeV
'E found a game 'e knoo an' played it wellX
An' now 'e's gone Wot more is there to tellX
A month ago fer me the world grew greyV
A month ago the light went out fer RoseQ
Becos one common soljer crossed the wayV
Leavin' a common message as 'e goesQ
But ev'ry dyin' soljer's 'ope lies thereV
'Look after Rose Mafeesh ' Gawd It's a pray'rV
That's wot it is an' when yeh sort it outM
Shuttin' yer ears to orl the sounds o' strifeD2
The shouts the cheers the curses 'oo kin doubtM
The claims uv women mother sweet'eart wifeD2
An' 'oos to 'ear our soljers' dyin' wishE2
An' 'oo's to 'eed 'Look after Rose Mafeesh '-

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis


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Jacob Whitt: I love this.
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