They flee from me, dearest wishes,
Undesires that strive to become friendly foes,
Poor mind, of thy sores to deepen, they rush,
For Disappointment opens my door in sad smiles,
As if destiny keeps us to meet,
Why must it be different with me?
Sad moments that stretch my untold stories,
Striving relentlessly to loosen my furies

Experience teaches me to expect the tad,
From the inevitable circumstances of life,
Hole patches roughly ridicule my footsteps,
Bruising my feet in disguise, I stagger, aftermath,
Into my rights they ignorantly plunge, my errs,
Catastrophe looms, awaiting my train of thoughts,
Dejection and abject loneliness, in domination,
Invites invisible visitors to chide and console my heart.

Each moment bemuses me in illusion,
Untold indecision, bending thoughts to suffocates,
Dilemma in her description surrounds me,
Confusion overwhelms me in the sea of trouble,
Causing the subtle daylight to alter to early night,
The victim of hoodwink I become, to irrelevant desires,
To the feast of my predicament in handicap,
Forces interceding for their infinite stay,
Endurance squarely obstructs their evil paths.