In a country where electorate is a commodity
we get only the type of governance we deserve
If we are ignorant, passive and negligent
we get governance sans accountability
If we are participative, smart and vigilant
we may a get a functional government at the best
if we are greedy and crave for freebies
Our aspirations and free thought shall be force-mortgaged
and end up with corrupt and incompetent governance

Now the democracy is a mere namesake
Party in power and the legislators won’t ask you as to
what is good for you and promulgate laws with the wisdom
which they think they have and the taken for granted mandate
Whether Police system protects your life and property or not
whether you committed a crime or not , face the institutionalized the extortion
Babus* extract the bribes from every possible soul
making nation’s economy anemic
Institutions won’t ask you what needs to be taught
as Education is bereft of values, creativity and life skills
we remain mute spectators
As they levy any amount of tax unilaterally even on essentials
we refrain to raise our voice, even it is breaking our financial backbones
When Justice is denied with endless delays
still we prefer to suffer as silent scapegoats
where even almighty is washing off his hands from divine benevolence
Do we need to be told by pseudo custodians of culture and religion as to
what we eat, what to wear and whom to marry ?
Now the cage is tightening to stifle the freedom of thought and free speech
where any dissent is smeared with hues of sedition
It may not be long for it to metamorphize into noose around our necks

My friend, can you realize now that
we are living in a namesake democracy
we are part of a make-believe democracy.
We are already an electoral commodity
barricaded into caste, culture, religion, region and language denominations
divided we are weakening and playing into the hands of power seekers and money bags.
Awake, be proactive as an empowered citizen
Reclaim your rights and demand your share of progress and prosperity.

*Government employees (Supposed to be public servants, who turned out to be masters, hence their claim of public service is dubious)