Where art thou?
More aged than our planet Aqua
Having shed Earth-like quirks and idiosyncrascies over billions of years
To avoid jolting us with quakes or roasting us with lava
Slightly warmer, larger and heavier than the Earth
To retain the atmosphere at levels of utility
But not too heavy to make moving around too strenuous
With a natural satellite like moon, only a bit larger to make the
Seasons stable, orbit safe and check perpetual summers
Breathable air with higher oxygen levels
Replete with humidity and clouds
And free from obnoxious gases
A stronger magnet field (gravity) as a shield against solar storms
which wipes out the life that may take eons to sprout and evolve

The eternal search for habitable planet is exhausting for the mankind
Will we find it in our lifetime?
Or do we have to wait agonisingly for decades ?
To find one, to make it habitable and migrate to it in reality
Until then we can’t afford to turn the Earth beneath our feet into a colossal grave
As Mars and Moon are ruled out as right candidates
And before any mindless guy nuke us en masse
Or some wayward asteroid(s) hit us hard and deep to turn us into ashes in a blink
Or some mysterious and stubborn disease devours us completely

If no habitable planet is found in our solar system
Our Astroscientists should even gaze at nearby exoplanets*
The challenge is that even if we fine one,
It may take 100s of years to reach them, even if we travel @ speed of light,
which we are Yet to attain
As one can’t journey that long in one’s lifetime, breeding en voyage got to be explored
Hence, out of the box smart innovations are must to surmount these tricky things
As Humans and aliens (if at all they exist) are on still a long way to find each other.

*celestial bodies outside our solar system