Born in Porbandar and Barristered in England
After defying apartheid in South Africa
Returned to India to free it from the shackles of colonialism
Evolved as man extraordinaire, pioneer and ‘karma yogi’
With peace and love, you have challenged imperialism
Not shirking from incarceration, led the countries towards freedom
Decimating differences of caste, class and religions
Uniting all people to liberate India, was peak of your leadership
Champaran movement, struggle for Independence, Salt Sathyagraga (Dandi March)
And call for ‘Quit India’ freed us from British’s draconian rule
Your self-less service in Sevagram is still memorable
With only weapons of non-violence and non-cooperation
The empire ‘where Sun never sets’ has finally yielded to your steadfastness
As Father of the nation, till your last breath
you have strived to make us live in peace and prosperity
As saint of Sabarmati, you have espoused simplicity, morality and spirituality
More than politics and power, welfare of masses has been your utmost concern
Only a great soul like you can forego the power of being the head of a nation
With emphasis on Khadhi** and cottage Industries you have paved the way
For self-reliance and rural development
To eradicate untouchability and upliftment of Harijans (Dalits) has been your life long mission
Your forbearance, courage and truthfulness is phenomenal
Your life has been an ideal to emulate – immense were your sacrifices
It has been inspiring not only laymen but leaders across the world
You will be etched as ‘Bapu’ for ever in the psyche of Indians
Thou art a great soul indeed, and this land of piety
Yearns for your reincarnation again and again
To lead it to a greener and greater country with bounty and equality
To reclaim it’s rightful place as beacon to the world !

* Great Soul **hand oven cotton cloth