A clog?
Yeah, I can't see no one,
I was broken and blistered,
Disillusioned and downgraded,
Then I fell for you,
My heart repaired itself,
And on an island it swinged,
That to date I just
Wanna stay here,
Feel this forever,
Just that I fell for you.

On bad days,
When I'm down to earth,
My eyes puzzle through
Your pictures, and I
See a future, smiles broaden
My face,
I feel like it's already done,
Oh, I'm done with it,
Let you get done too,
Just that I fe for you.

When it rises,
And the rays of the
Beautiful glow falls on
My ugly face,
Your picture is drawn on
Mine mind, and I be handsome,
Because of a broad smile,
Even before it sets,
I realize love grows inside
Every day,
Just that I fell for you.

I told God,
That I wanna have you
In my house forever,
When I die,
My grave beside you girl,
That love will blossom
Even when days are gloomy,
And tears rolling down,
I will love you forever,
And death won't kill it off,
Just that I fell for you.