My heart beats when you remind me,
Helpless do I feel at your knock at my door.
Where can I run to? Oh death!!
When I run to the North, South, East and West,
You are there to embrace me.

At the sweetest part of my life,
You came to remind me of the endless journey.
Which I will oneday embark on, hmmm
It is said that death is inevitable and so,
I know we will all leave oneday.

Oh sickness and its death,
Where can I run to?
To escape from your anger.
Hmmm! , hmmm!! , hmmm!!!

You sickness serves as my reminder,
And you death as my transporter.
To my home where I will rest with my maker.
Why then struggling in life for riches
They are all vanity upon vanity I say.
My maker remains my refuge.