I thirst and yearn for food
but i was given wind to console my thirst;
How cruel was the universe when you treat me absurd.
Feed my soul for I know someday i will vehemently remember you.

The food I need for my soul
For my soul thirst and long for all
But life is blur you when twist it
Hold me tight for you might not get another chance but to experience my worth

Food for my soul is what I need
For my soul thirst for my soulmate
My soul, my inspiration has to be fulfilled
With or without your cruelty
Badly was I treated for I immensely knows my worth.

Yearning earns me nothing but a soulless being I will not become.
Making waves during and after the sunset is my emblem
Rebellious will my soul not become for it possesses great power

Unity in divine uniqueness is me
For this becomes the food for my soul
For a soulless being shall I not become Again for my soul has been fed well
With the riches of the spirit
For this is the food for my soul