He breathes vigour with his mouth
The mighty Behemoth,
Whose jaws can pierce an iron stopper,
Whose bones are mighty made of copper;
Whose limbs are like wrought-iron rods,
What a creation, what a creator, what a God!

The hippopotamus eats grass like a bull,
And I think it takes days to be full.
Till it quenches its mighty made jelly-
Like fearsome muscular belly.
On the darkest islands where devils play
Lies Behemoth's dinner for the day
Come dark afternoon you will see
Him lie down under the lotus trees.
When the lotus trees cast their shadow
Behemoth will fit in their shelter like a wealthy widow.
He is fearless, he is exhorbant,
Under the darkest streams he is confident.
Under darkened light of the devil's torch,
In Eden Satan couldn't capture him in his watch.
He couldn't haunt him with his looks,
He couldn't piece his nose with a hook...
Even turbulent waters cannot disturb Behemoth
Nor the wreath of streams rushing against his mouth...

Where were you when Leviathan,
When Behemoth was placed in river Jordan?