Like the salt of the earth
That night defined us
It proclaimed us mother and father
And we had to push the agenda further.
God knows
How we didn't mince in our vows
That Satan and certain mammals couldn't poke their nose
In what seemed to be our new mars
We roared like hungry meal card politicians
And danced like new tacticians
No need for a few musicians
Our voices were mosquito repellent
With sounds that silenced night frogs
Never mind the heartbeat and wasted sweat.
For I took every promise at the moment as an oath.
Now comes your earthly child as a price
You simply walk away from shame
You have forgotten the past and you expect a future
No harness for your blood ,No love for your lineage.
Curse me forever, castigate and cross out my history,
But own up to the battle of your balls.
A footballer can't be a referee in the same game.
As you shoot and score so must you defend your game.
Lest you will loose the game,the tournament and your legacy.