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Born and raised in Bushenyi District in Western Uganda. Had my education at Ishaka Town School, St Mary's Vocational School Kyamuhunga and Makerere University. I started my poetry with inspiration from my mother who introduced me to the literature world of Achebe and shakespearean books. I desire to write more under the theme "ink never fades"...
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Bamukunda Hillary Poems

  • Song Of A Single Mother
    Like the salt of the earth
    That night defined us
    It proclaimed us mother and father ...
  • I Want To Marry My Mother
    Different voices Differing Virtues
    Different views Differing Vices
    I want to marry my mother ...
  • My Valentine
    For the concealed love
    I sit under the shades of hugs
    Like wind, long lasting kisses sway across
    These fixed hearts knotting at each other. ...
  • Coronavirus
    Why should they call you a virus?
    You are simply viral determinant,
    The only sweet heart to grace this generation ...
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Unity 1 Earth 1 Sweet 1 Society 1 Religion 1 Generation 1 Clean 1 True 1 Government 1 Humanity 1

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