Who is Bamukunda Hillary

Born and raised in Bushenyi District in Western Uganda. Had my education at Ishaka Town School, St Mary's Vocational School Kyamuhunga and Makerere University. I started my poetry with inspiration from my mother who introduced me to the literature world of Achebe and shakespearean books. I desire to write more under the theme "ink never fades"...
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Bamukunda Hillary Poems

  • A Poem For My Country.
    That island that went into oblivion .
    With immunization success ,
    Citizens no longer die young
    Except the careless mothers in labor ...
  • Awakened Glory
    Men praise themselves to love
    Christians allude to their love of prayer
    But not even human beings need for oxygen,
    Equals my love for that orchestra ...
  • I Remember That Woman
    Her hands were tender to touch
    Her heart was love in a launch
    Her eyes, a setlite of optmism ...
  • Mother In Law
    In my life you came like dawn without dusk
    Your abscence was like flora without fauna
    But alas I have you ...
  • Where Are The Well Off?
    On the golden streets i look for the well off,
    I cast my eyes for the lucky
    Those whose bottoms are sealed and on top they stand,
    Their needs seem not to exist ...
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