For the concealed love
I sit under the shades of hugs
Like wind, long lasting kisses sway across
These fixed hearts knotting at each other.
As the world looks on to be pleased
At how true love has nurtured nature
In our portraits of stillness steel
Sharing our breath to where eyes of men feast.

For the gifts I would want not
When you are wholly embedded to my side
Though you offer me a sweet
I will just lovingly offer you a tweet
Praising not of the well moulded body
But the soul taken after St Valentine
Together we are memory
That dies when love exists no more,
Ours is sublime and timeless.

We are just triggered triggers
We have pointless points
To prove our wordless world
Why we remain suturing each other.
This Valentine I offer you not words
Not a well free versed rhyming poem
But a song from my heart that I can't sing but write,
Just give me hand and we head to eternity
Where our purified purity will be purified
Daily as our Valentine will always be.