Why should they call you a virus?
You are simply viral determinant,
The only sweet heart to grace this generation
You have defeated racism and segregation
For quaritine knows not of whites, blacks or Asians
You have done what failed culture; Unity
You have done what failed religion; Coexistence
And you have over ruled money and power
My government officials can have none of their daily flights
In the name of specialized treatment abroad
Why should they call you a virus?
You are just heaven on earth,
You have swept the earth clean
And taken some to heaven
African prophets, pastors and magicians look on,
Their televised miracles haven't given birth with coronavirus
Witchdoctors with hand sanitizers at the entrance
A mere cough would quarantine them for a fortnight
Let them call you a deadly virus
I call you an eye opener to Justice
A remainder of the goodness in humanity
For I know, you don't take bribes and neither can you be corrupted,
Since you take the very judges and magistrates
You fear no guns or bullets
I have seen soldiers and marines fall on their knees
Washing hands is for us all
We need each other now than before
This should be true love slay queens swear on tekila
Humanity now comes first
The society we have craved for
Sanitized hands sanitized hearts .