That island that went into oblivion .
With immunization success ,
Citizens no longer die young
Except the careless mothers in labor
And sometimes their political unborn babies.
As for Ebola and small pox,
How do you expect funds from NGO's?

Citizens stand in the que to welcome refugees
Because they have got used to resettlement themselves
Just yesterday Just the other day
The court awarded an investor four populated villages
For industrial, Nuclear and missile development
That would reduce the numbers of those agitating for breath.
Only for survivors to beg on streets and fill the potholes
That is if some national parks can't accommodate them

I sing about my country
Where a railway line is a myth
And floods make our cars fly like bombardiers
Have you heard of that Regional referral hospital?
I mean whose pharmacy is a distance outside gates,
And its lovingly operated by the same doctor like Jesus
Trying a Zacharia the tax collector or Judas isacariot.
Have you heard of that public university or school?
Whose tuition is fit to fund go green campaigns in Kalahari desert.
Yet its lecturers are still soaked in bark cloth coats and suits
So long as the all political activities are over funded
That's my country

Have you heard of an engineer who ate 97kilometers of tarmac?
An official who bought a pen at 36million dollars?
Where a multi-billion project can't see another Christmas,
A brother Jero whose miracles raise the dead, no retakes and world cup trophies.
Have you seen a blood tie as a job qualification?
If not you have not been home
Where the ghetto has been lighted for our eyes to cast the ballot,
Who knows what will happen after?
The last king of the bachwezi will still stand.
As the grandsons and daughters will be persecuted
For not only being enemies of progress and kingdom
But kissing the frogs that once ruled the oceans