At Liberty I Sit And See Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


At liberty I sit and seeA
Them that have erst laugh'd me to scornB
Whipp'd with the whip that scourged meA
And now they ban that they were bornB
I see them sit full soberlyA
And think their earnest looks to hideC
Now in themselves they cannot spyD
That they or this in me have spiedC
I see them sitting all aloneE
Marking the steps each word and lookF
And now they tread where I have goneG
The painful path that I forsookF
Now I see well I saw no whitH
When they saw well that now are blindI
But happy hap hath made me quitH
And just judgement hath them assign'dI
I see them wander all aloneE
And tread full fast in dreadful doubtJ
The self same path that I have goneG
Blessed be hap that brought me outJ
At liberty all this I seeA
And say no word but erst amongK
Smiling at them that laugh'd at meA
Lo such is hap Mark well my songL



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