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  • Twa Corbies
    As I was walking all alane
    I heard twa corbies making a mane;
    The tane unto the t'other say,
    "Where sall we gang and dine to-day?" ...
  • Midnight Special
    If you evah go to Houston,
    You better walk right;
    You better not gamble
    And you better not fight. ...
  • The Wakening, John Attye's First Book Of Airs
    ON a time the amorous Silvy
    Said to her shepherd, 'Sweet, how do ye?
    Kiss me this once and then God be with ye,
       My sweetest dear! ...
  • Old English Riddle
    My dress is silent when I tread the ground
    Or stay at home or stir upon the waters.
    Sometimes my trappings and the lofty air
    Raise me above the dwelling-place of men, ...
  • Lord Randall
    "Oh where ha'e ye been, Lord Randall, my son!
    And where ha'e ye been, my handsome young man!"
    "I ha'e been to the wild wood: mother, make my bed soon,
    For I'm wearied wi' hunting, and fain wald lie down." ...
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Cryptomanran: breaking: $meta just announced that us users can connect their crypto wallets to their platforms to use nft/digital collectibles. also, if you connect your wallet they literally link your anonymous wallet to an identity (kyc) and get your entire crypto transaction history.
Gnlader: anonymous
Staryoungtoth: there's a reason they let oj simpson get away because oj simpson isn't even his real name let alone his real character what you mean you actually know him very well but you know him as a different character mr anonymous is like that
Falamaez: vengeance is a monster of appetite, forever bloodthirsty and never filled - anonymous
Farzyness: if you owned a tesla humanoid robot, what tasks would you have it do? please use google form below. no user data is collected. survey is 100% anonymous. results will be shared with public. please retweet to help maximize dataset $tsla
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Emily Dickinson Poem
The waters chased him as he fled
 by Emily Dickinson


The waters chased him as he fled,
Not daring look behind-
A billow whispered in his Ear,
“Come home with me, my friend-
My parlor is of shriven glass,
My pantry has a fish

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