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  • Twa Corbies
    As I was walking all alane
    I heard twa corbies making a mane;
    The tane unto the t'other say,
    "Where sall we gang and dine to-day?" ...
  • Midnight Special
    If you evah go to Houston,
    You better walk right;
    You better not gamble
    And you better not fight. ...
  • The Wakening, John Attye's First Book Of Airs
    ON a time the amorous Silvy
    Said to her shepherd, 'Sweet, how do ye?
    Kiss me this once and then God be with ye,
       My sweetest dear! ...
  • Old English Riddle
    My dress is silent when I tread the ground
    Or stay at home or stir upon the waters.
    Sometimes my trappings and the lofty air
    Raise me above the dwelling-place of men, ...
  • Lord Randall
    "Oh where ha'e ye been, Lord Randall, my son!
    And where ha'e ye been, my handsome young man!"
    "I ha'e been to the wild wood: mother, make my bed soon,
    For I'm wearied wi' hunting, and fain wald lie down." ...
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  • Ezuiequotes: "you may see me struggle, but you'll never see me quit." - anonymous
  • Frpatrickop: recently, i have heard confessions almost exclusively through the screen. i have found the confessions to be better & many of our young people have shared how they enjoy confession more when it's anonymous.
  • Easyrockmanila: true friends are never apart. maybe in distance, but never in heart. -anonymous
  • Ax_sharma: haveibeenpwned is alerting over 15 million users, including non-epik customers who are impacted by the data breach. epik's multi-gig dump leaked by anonymous also includes a 16 gb sql database of scraped whois records.
  • Maternityaction: the covid19 pandemic has challenged the mechanisms for protecting the health & safety at work of pregnant women & new mothers. we want to improve them. if you've been pregnant & working since march 2020, please take our 10-minute, anonymous survey ⬇️
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What The Bee Is To The Floweret
 by Thomas Moore

What the bee is to the floweret,
When he looks for honey-dew,
Through the leaves that close embower it,
That, my love, I'll be to you.

She. --

What the bank, with verdure glowing,

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