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overtongrangesc: Through Kooth you can get free, safe and anonymous online counselling and support.

omphs2007: Oman pharmaceutical society invites you to attend scientific webinar 'Role of Pharmacist in COVID-19 Management' On 8/4/2020 At 08:00PM Register in advance for this webinar

Magicfetus3: His revisionism was transparent and the Swedish court upheld Rukeratabaro’s conviction. His recent “anonymous” post will not fool anyone; Murunganwa is deeply involved with genocide denialism.

seethrujustice: Has your case been heard remotely (by video or phone) by the Family Court since the Covid-19 pandemic? We want to find out how it's been for the families involved. Please take our anonymous survey and please RT :

HUNTER21100454: Who wants to play anonymous Micheal Myers today on MW? If you want to play today go and join my community called Hide and seek on MW.

anonymous_cynic: Today’s Full Moon in elegant Libra could add a dash of charm t... More for Taurus

TerryTeachout1: ICYMI, here is the complete text of my open letter to the family of the anonymous organ donor whose lungs my wife Hilary used to breathe during the last month of her life:

dmills3710: “Stay strong in your faith and together our prayers will win the day” Anonymous 4/4/2020 5:25 p.m. CST

JustinWatsonian: Do you work with children and young people in Manchester? We URGENTLY need to hear from you, and the challenges you are facing, to help shape local and national responses. Please complete this (anonymous) survey -

anonmelz10: we are anonymous

MattStoicSteady: You know we were having a tea emergency? Some kind anonymous soul has sent me a beautiful selection box in the post! Probably the most unexpected and lovely thing that has happened in the last few weeks! Thank you!

4UZICK: honestly hiding on omegle and sending out hate as an anonymous is soo pathetic. whoever you why you gotta be so insecure and rude to do so. grow tf up and find smth else to do during quarantine.

TeessideLive: An anonymous donor has come forward

moorelyfe1: Morning. hope you doing good. Can you please tweet me as anonymous, I need help with baby formula and R20 electricity. I've been working as a cleaner for the part three months since i lost my job, i clean people's houses so since the Lockdown i haven't been called in to work,

lianbuan: I wish I can show you the exact post provided by NBI which was the basis for the subpoena but it is easily traceable to the person who wants to remain anonymous. Atty Diokno is also not showing this post. So instead, I will paraphrase, and I promise it's faithful to the original.

975ycountry: An anonymous person helps every family in his town, and businesses at the same time. Listen to our podcast to hear the full story in less than 60 seconds!

Young_MCR: Do you work with children and young people in Manchester? We URGENTLY need to hear from you, and the challenges you are facing, to help shape local and national responses. Please complete this (anonymous) survey -

Jennahanks2: God bless you lunay! God bless anonymous! Saving the world and educating us all❤️❤️❤️❤️

mosseri: Today we're announcing tools to help health researchers track and combat COVID-19, including an anonymous symptoms survey in partnership with CMU that we hope can help provide experts with county level insights while protecting people's privacy:

Undercoverhist: Comment by an anonymous referee during final revision round on a paper on the history of macroeconometrics at the Fed: "Martin [Fed chairman in the 1960s] made me think about Draghi: MIT PhD but an excellent understanding of financial markets" "but" ?

KofiBlakGh: The fact that Godmc always becomes a topic when there is a new diss song should tell you that is the bar. That’s in a time capsule,really a game changer.

BootlegGame: Help influence the Bootleg Heroes Trading Card Game project by taking a moment to fill out this survey! Responses are anonymous, and sharing/RTing the survey to friends and family that play or collect trading cards would be extremely helpful.

global_ranking: Sarkodie currently trending number 6 on Twitter worldwide trends making him the first African artiste to trend his song on the world trends on Twitter.

ajzeigler: Admitting they are in fact a bad actor is the first step. Welcome to Democrats Who Love Tyrannical Regimes Anonymous, Chris.

siliconera: One of Cooking Mama: Cookstar's anonymous developers has stepped up to explain what's happening behind the scenes causing all the fuss.

huntertbrewer: Church planting (more so multiplication) when done biblically & properly is God glorifying & extremely evangelistic. Like many things, when it's done poorly it can be unhelpful & perhaps detrimental. I dont understand why pastors take anonymous pot-shots on Twitter. Unbelievable

AutistMakingWay: Anonymous question for NDs: Anyone have advice for focussing on large projects with a deadline? OP may or may not have a draft of my thesis due in a week and can't focus. Any way to hack the ND brain to get some concentration going?

thecity2: Anonymous GM: "He looks great in a Zoom."

kitaabwassunnah: Please retweet, need a sister ideally by the 10th March! Completely anonymous Qur'aan journey interview! Ideally a teacher or an intermediate student of the Qur'aan.

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Ebb Tide
 by Sara Teasdale

When the long day goes by
And I do not see your face,
The old wild, restless sorrow
Steals from its hiding place.

My day is barren and broken,
Bereft of light and song,
A sea beach bleak and windy

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