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svaradarajan: You may have seen a shoddily drafted anonymous pamphlet on WhatsApp yesterday justifying the gutting of 370. Turns out the document was actually put out by the geniuses in this government, including “Table on Contents” :

azraeiismachine: Just five minutes for a better Malaysia. This is an anonymous questionairre from KPWKM. If you know someone or are a victim, fill it up and pass it on. We need the numbers and responses to make policies that will actually help those that need it.

GeorgeClaassen: "White supremacy, in other words, is a violent, interconnected transnational ideology. Its adherents are gathering in anonymous, online forums to spread their ideas, plotting attacks and cheering on acts of terrorism."

putneycricket: New match report by Anonymous, Sat 2s vs Staines & Laleham

nomadicrevery: I had real reservations about doing this programme, but I'm glad I did. Gamblers Anonymous saved me, going to meetings was the most powerful experience of my life. If you're worried about your gambling go to

RiriAhriSong: Respect people’s feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them. - Anonymous

OfficialDGISPR: CCC on Kashmir situation at GHQ. Forum fully supported Government’s rejection of Indian actions regarding Kashmir. Pakistan never recognised the sham Indian efforts to legalise its occupation of Jammu & Kashmir through article 370 or 35-A decades ago; ...(1of2).

ExitABR: From all of the private "please keep my name confidential" DM's I get, the fear of retaliation from the ABMS quality cartel is very real. That's why people has resorted to anonymous accounts and anonymous donations to the many class action lawsuits.

OfficialDGISPR: (continued) ....efforts which have now been revoked by India itself. “Pakistan Army firmly stands by the Kashmiris in their just struggle to the very end. We are prepared and shall go to any extent to fulfil our obligations in this regard”, COAS affirmed.(2of2).

gwensnyderPHL: /b/ culture-- which increasingly spilled into forum culture at large. 4chan posts are anonymous-- users call each other anons-- so to create and sustain a sense of ongoing community, they really had to develop a deep and specific coded language to show who belonged & who didn't.

oneunderscore__: It is very, very hard for anonymous hate forums to keep casual members around if forced to migrate, or let users know where to go when they're shut down overnight. Diehard online extremists can organize, but the pool of recruits dwindles after bans like this, the research shows.

RatchetNdDivine: Oh my god the anonymous pussies are back — You’re correct

JlNSONSTAN: I publish most of them, I've only deleted about 3 And at least I'm not hiding behind an anonymous filter, I actu… —

RellsNetwork: • RellsUHC Game • AsesinoVaaginal » Type: FFA » Scenarios: BuildUHC,TimeBomb,NoClean,Absorptionless,Anonymous » Whitelist: 05:56(2 mins) » IP:

cartokurtis: Wow. A heartbreaking story.

NicepostUHC: • RellsUHC Game • AsesinoVaaginal » Type: FFA » Scenarios: BuildUHC,TimeBomb,NoClean,Absorptionless,Anonymous » Whitelist: 05:56(2 mins) » IP:

andrewaholloway: Anonymous source has triggered a meltdown this evening. A lot of decent wordsmiths on Twitter, sadly a lack of understanding of the workings of a corporate transaction. I can understand nervousness around a takeover, but I just don’t get what JL did that was so wonderful?

theCALMzone: The CALM helpline is now open 0800 585858. 5pm - midnight. Free, anonymous & confidential....

Brooks_Rob: Powerful anonymous op-ed: "I murdered my son but it was an agonising choice, not a crime"

TheBoroQue: Anonymous commission a lot of ppl like being stuck in suspender pants for some reason lol

Song_Hyo_Rim: I can wipe the tears in my eyes… But…I can’t wipe the pain in my heart… - Anonymous

leekern13: As a definitely Jewish anonymous pro-Corbyn account I’m here for the 99% of Jews who are antizionist Israel doesn’t speak for us We grew up with the Jewish principle that you had to Tickle Alan Growing up me and my family would always Tickle Alan That is MY Judaism

LISLoveBook: The Blackwell Love Book In character only! Send submissions through

Michael98513946: Glad I could help! I like to keep the winners anonymous as there has been money requesting and threats in the past. Would rather not have that. RT this if you’d also like $2000 in your cash app!

Kris_Sacrebleu: He'd been kept alive with tubes for nearly 17 years. Who is he, and is it possible he’s conscious? - Los Angeles Times WHAT. AN. INCREDIBLE. STORY - reco a read

TheCSGOGUY: my friend works for anonymous anyone in their team

DrJonathanRosa: Dear junior scholars doing work that carefully, critically, & creatively engages w/pressing political issues: You will often face undeservedly harsh critique, particularly from anonymous reviewers, but keep going & remember you’re contributing to the creation of different worlds!

LBSProtect: A superb DM I have just received from a fellow Leaver, who wishes to remain anonymous as he has already felt "the bitter chill of professional exclusion" when he has dared to speak up for Brexit before. Who'd have thought we'd have an underground dissident class in England 2019?

SBRadioFamilia: The Monks Of Norcia - Anonymous: Bells From The Basilica (Instrumental)

TrueEyeTheSpy: This is a common issue when one person write an article using anonymous sources, and said article gets oft' repeated. Both sides of the spectrum are guilty of misleading headlines & inaccurate articles. I hope you understand. Firing Strzok from the FBI did not remove him from DC.

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