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glapointewriter: I've mentioned that I hated Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny & told them to their faces as a preschooler that their characters weren't real. I hated the idea of adults lying to the other kids. Adults dressed as these characters can also seem anonymous or creepy.

Raul_henglep: Twitter India is like Indian Roads 1. Some travel in own cars(own identity) and some in hired cabs(anonymous) 2. Some are here just for fun(road trips) and some for purpose (cab drivers) 3. There is traffic police (Jack) to ensure no traffic violations.

DelegateKaiser: Is the Governor really seeking anonymous funds to hurt education in the state? Yes.

virginialopezxo: “i don’t like flirting, it gives me anxiety” - anonymous mood

seomilwaukee: Snap Detailed Facebook’s Aggressive Tactics in ‘Project Voldemort’ Dossier.

ARCHGuelph: ⚠️ Please note that out anonymous and rapid HIV testing has been cancelled for this afternoon. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause!

ElsaItenio: Moroccan twitto : >creates an anonymous account >Proceeds to willingly answer twelve personal questions

cameronhood84: Y’all really 23 years old out here asking people to send y’all anonymous questions on Snapchat

GannonU: An anonymous gift made to GU’s Cyber Innovation Fund is leveraging Stacy Juchno’s gift of $100,000 into a $1 million endowment that will be used to recruit high-demand faculty and support faculty and student industry-driven research within I-HACK.

BradMossEsq: Don’t assume that is all the information at issue. That is simply what was leaked by anonymous sources.

seomilwaukee: Bill Weld on Trump, Ukraine: 'That Is Treason' -- 'The Penalty for Treason Under the U.S. Code Is Death' | Breitbart.

MalwareJake: Um, let me introduce you to the word "anonymous"

BarristerSecret: Our Lord Chancellor has not whispered a word publicly after the Prime Minister’s anonymous spokesperson threatened the independent judiciary in yesterday’s Sunday Times, but he is at least happy to remind the world about the virtues of litter-picking in West Swindon.

TPD_Robbery: Do you know these thugs? They robbed the Circle K on west Valencia. Call 88-crime to remain anonymous. Unite football fans and let’s bring them to justice!

RepMarkMeadows: If you’re keeping score at home: they’re now saying we might have “crossed the Rubicon” to impeachment because of an anonymous complaint with reportedly zero firsthand information. Washington Democrats are an impeachment investigation in search of a cause.

SE7ENCE: Send untraceable payments from someone else's wallet. details:

mattkoonmusic: ICYMI, I bought the domains, sent an anonymous email to Brad, he reported it almost word for word., And frickin FORBES ran with it?

GregHands: “Labour vows to rein in academies and scrap free schools” - The Guardian.

2TrillionEMPR: Bitcoin’s “peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” launched in 2009 by an anonymous programmer (or group) Satoshi Nakamoto, was a watershed moment for the freedom of money. For the first time in history, people could securely exchange value, without requiring a third party

KBoy334: Send me anonymous messages:

mariamtayob: Watch The Great Hack on Netflix &get an understanding of exactly how thro Cambridge Analytics & FB the 2016 US elections n Brexit were actually

RealJohhnieDoe: Currency is quickly going electronic. We accept these upgrades via our phones. They get us comfortable using our face to unlock it. But using our foreheads to pay is up next. Think twice before using facial-recognition technology or fingerprint scanning.

botbre: remember when I sent cass anonymous leeceipts

BreathOfCons: Welcome to Breath of Confessions. Here, you can DM us your confessions/ secrets (does not have to be too dramatic or detrimental unless you want it to be) and get honest feedback from us and from other Twitter users. You may remain anonymous or attach your First Name and age.

petezdanis: "If you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do." Anonymous

anonymous_catto: nintendo's cute moment:

anonymous_ltd: Early morning Ghen Ghen.!

olgaNYC1211: I cannot wait until we get more details on the whistleblower story. The amount of insanity I'm seeing is crazy. anonymous sources most likely dispatched by trump to muddy the story, media coverage focusing on Biden instead of the dangerous situations created by trump & gop, etc.

olgaNYC1211: This happens in Russia when a story of corruption by Putins cronies manages to surface, suddenly there are so many versions/disinfo from anonymous sources that people forget the original story and it gets normalized. Dont doubt for a sec that Trumps cronies are hard at work

TzhonggBot: Having followers/social graph on there anonymous hahah

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