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TheQuotesGuide: Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning., ~ Anonymous ✒️

AshleyAtTimes: An anonymous letter from N.Y.P.D. officers raises concerns that Mayor Bill de Blasio's homeless diversion program is a quota system that forces officers to target homeless people in the subway for removal without offering them any help:

marysuewriter: the best classic tumblr experience was when your friends would reblog 'describe yourself on anon and i'll say if i'd date' you posts and you'd send each other anonymous descriptions and then when they said they'd date them you'd reveal you were actually describing like, waluigi

mi_mcca: My story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices and ugly truth.... It's also filled with a major comeback, peace in my soul and a grace that saved my life. - Anonymous

ImperialWick: Democrats are now quoting the NYTimes & Washington Post....anonymous sources......this is the Steele Dossier playing out before your very eyes.

CaimanChameleon: Hi! Welcome to prosopagnosia anonymous! I'm seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd today....

jenefertari: When you pause a staff meeting so everyone can Google what a blobfish is...because someone is in the Google doc as "Anonymous Blobfish..."

Fajri_W_: To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was you. Anonymous

asoiafuni: Anonymous said: How culpable is Jaime in the Tysha situation?

IndieGamerChick: The Pinball Arcade Live Scorecard is Updated. Up next is The Getaway: High Speed II. New Feature: Tables marked with a ♦ next to the name means we've ear-marked them for to take one final look-over. Our anonymous donor has been very generous with our time with their account.

Kengan_: mfs stan starving anonymous but wont help the anonymous kids starving in africa

choidimples: one month after sjm's debut - at the age of 21 - he quietly and anonymously donated 300kRMB (about $43000) to china after the earthquake in 2008. anonymous because he doesn't think it's right for celebrities to boast about how much they've donated and real charity should come

WallenderAndrew: A major revelation in the settlement? Barstool Sports was behind a seemingly pro-union Twitter account that emerged during the controversy. “Would prefer to stay anonymous right now in beginning stages of unionization. DM. Serious inquiries only,” the account tweeted Aug. 13.

Ballatw: Here's an idea. 1. Disable throwables, they are OP regardless. 2. Forced anonymous mode in open tournaments until finals stages where forced anonymous mode OFF 3. Forced random competitive skinset in tournaments. 4. Replays ON In game enforcement is best option when possible.

RepJasonCrow: Since the Citizens United decision 10 years ago, anonymous donors spent a BILLION dollars in our elections through “Dark Money”. My first bill was the End Dark Money Act because megadonors shouldn’t be able to hide their identity when they’re spending money on political campaigns

GandalftheWhi19: Thulean Perspective on you miss it? Well, this is more anonymous, I don't have to show my face, & it takes up much less of my time. I don't need to make & upload (long) videos, & can instead just 'drop by' every now & then, to Tweet, to comment & to 'like'.

s_nessen: Devastating anonymous letter from member of NYPD transit bureau on being forced to arrest homeless people on trains:

AnnSchroederWi2: Human-to-human transmission confirmed in China coronavirus.

BrooklynYenta: I'm not anonymous. & I've had more dick in this lifetime than i know what to do with. But thanks for your professional evaluation

JamesHarrisNow: One thing I like about literary rejection is it's the exact opposite of the 'Live-Your-Dreams' bullshit society tries to sell you. You can give a 100% in writing and end up with nothing but a ton of anonymous rejection emails. That kind of experience is fertile for writing.

TuurDemeester: Startup idea: anonymous online subscription service provider. You fund them with BTC, they manage your subscriptions and provide you with login info & financial statements. Benefits: your identity data isn't farmed, subs are bundled, and you avoid involuntary auto-renewals.

AnnSchroederWi2: ‘Massive Amounts of Money’ Are Pouring Into Nordic Real Estate.

Song_Hyo_Rim: When I say I love you, I mean I love you and all what you bring with - Anonymous

ToBeyOrNoToBey: Do you remember when Chris Brown tried to remix Jealous and Beyoncé simply ignored it? That’s the answer

AnnSchroederWi2: ‘Massive Amounts of Money’ Are Pouring Into Nordic Real Estate.

nauzerbTOI: A bullion trader from Delhi, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated 35 kgs gold worth Rs 14 crore ($2 million) to Mumbai’s famous Siddhivinayak temple at Prabhadevi. These include a newly-gilded inner dome and six doors.

TheCSGOGUY: my friend works for anonymous and he'll boot you have a pro

ProjectLiber8: [MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS WANTED] We're conducting a survey on youth perceptions towards migrant workers & human trafficking, & we want to hear from you! It only takes 5 minutes, & it's anonymous. Please share this with friends + family who might be interested too! :)

AnnSchroederWi2: IT'S CHINA AGAIN , WHAT AN INHUMANE COUNTRY: Anger over Chinese theme park's pig bungee stunt.

estriannafash: Taking notes on how to get anonymous gifts

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But though it scar'd, it did not bite.


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