Corrupt farm, disdainful politics
Corrupt farm, unedifying ethics

The Lion gorges the subservient animals but not grass page
Or even does he gobble other feeds in the forest sage

The pronghorns fight it hard to progress
And they feed with apprehension and distress.

When they do require of the Lion—
To give a good reason why he devours them like any minion,

He reminds them of being "The King of the Jungle"
So he continues his diabolical project as a noble.

The grass and fowls of the air remain spared
'Cause no, not sufficient antelopes to make them seared.

The foreign vipers intrude awry
With an acclamation of being their profound territory

But they have come with the interest of politics
Dirty politics!

So they play it well, even more than the crown himself.
These adders bite the innocent beasts of their treasures to will of self.

With the injection of putridity and selfishness
Their anchor of theft and greediness.

Corruption drinks poverty!
All because of a bad conductor of no hearty.