Albert Boima Poems

  • 1.
    Six years on foot
    Through far and hurdling paths like wilderness
    My secondary learning root
    Which taught me to taste and endure bitterness
  • 2.
    There is such among creation
    The goddess of divination
    Result from the operation on man
    His corporate rib as the plan
  • 3.
    Of what essence it is
    To fiercely assert a formalised choice
    In the name of political honour
    That produces terror?
  • 4.
    I am humble, He said
    But what of being honest?, another asked.
    I am gentle, He yet professed
    No, what anent honesty,
  • 5.
    How worthless is he who paves violence:
    Is not he who bewilders the land of peace?
    With his thoughts, moulding it to corrupt the people;
    In the interest of satisfying himself.
  • 6.
    Corrupt farm, disdainful politics
    Corrupt farm, unedifying ethics

    The Lion gorges the subservient animals but not grass page
  • 7.
    My eyes glittered into the eyes
    Of thee who cast a spell on my heart
    They glanced each other with pleasure
    Upon hearing thy contralto voice,
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