My eyes glittered into the eyes
Of thee who cast a spell on my heart
They glanced each other with pleasure
Upon hearing thy contralto voice,
Or seeing thy sight;
Thy presence in all:
I smiled with passion.
Under the proximity of the roof we communicated.
At last, we settled our funny dating.

We watched not each other of fear,
But overshadowed by the confidence of love
We, albeit the impediments enhanced from outsiders,
Loved our dear selves innately.
Didn't they say we aren't fit to be dearer?
Bravo! that we hearkened not unto them.
My love for thee exceeded the heights of the stars—
Which could not be succumbed to fall.

Aye, our love was no fancy
'Twas agapic as the natural world itself
We both couldn't say we loved each other!

Balanced unto that time
Not till when some other person,
In his calibration incomparable to mine,
Bewitched my thee to make her fed up with me
Our love, therein, became fancy,
Thus, fancy! 'cause we were no longer dearer.
It went deep to my faith!
I thereafter realized the troth of the saying:
"The beginning of Trust is the end of Deception."