In a vicious country, and a distant age
A girl was born of biddable and
penniless parentage,
The moon that glittered upon her
blessed birth,
The sky that vouched for her blessed
On the planet Earth when she was
The flourishing birth of love
nonchalantly all over the room,
Her dazzling and delicate eyes ceased
the days of grudge,
Her arms like the flabby branches of a
tree, softly
Kissing the earth,
Her lips like the petals of a flower,
And her cheeks burnished like
sunflowers in bloom,
But as time passed away there
followed after
The blues of opprobrium,
The sound of a sour high-pitched
A moment of decrepitude;
of solitude and sadness,
A sigh of pain,
Beyond a lot of pain, her parents were
Yet they brooked to tender her,
Years passed by, she grew lovelier still;
On her face, the exuberance of
devotedness and harmony was
Her world, the amorousness of her
Father’s adoration and mother’s kiss.
She never believed herself alone,
Her talking in low tones,
Like the birds luscious warbling in the
Breezily and promptly sped the quiet
The beautiful girl has flowered into
And still, her glamor was not faded
And still, her notions were the truths
of probity.
Then, like a voice of floods,
An untamed wind washed everything
The pacification, enchantment,
contentment ;
of her parents
As she was raped, spoiled and harmed
by sharp knives
Then a body, crippled, dead, lacerated
and imbrued
Her face vague
Yet over her soul,
Mortals blubbered with fears and
Much yet remains unsaid
The coffin was laid,
Her body shouldered and finally
consigned to one of the graves of the
graveyard in Kashmir,
And is still unjustified.