In Kashmir valley, emotions are lost,
Trampled beneath the boots of power and violence.

Families torn apart, lives destroyed, dreams shattered,
The sound of gunfire echoing through the hills and valleys.

Tears flow like rivers, but they cannot cleanse the wounds,
The scars too deep, the pain too real.

The people's sorrow is a symphony of despair,
A chorus that never fades, haunting and mournful.

But in the thick of the mess and unrest, a voice rises up,
A voice that speaks of love and unity, of resistance and revolution.

For in the face of adversity, the human spirit shines,
A flame that burns bright, a flare of longing in the darkest of times.

The road ahead is long and risky,
But the people of Kashmir carry the flame of resilience.

The flame that refuses to die, that kindles the soul,
Training them through the typhoon, through pain and strife.