Biography of Adnan Shafi

Adnan Shafi, a young and talented person at the age of 23, hails from the beautiful Kashmir valley. Born and raised in Chandrigam, a serene town nestled in the Tral area, he comes from a middle-class, well-educated Bhat family. Adnan Shafi is a multifaceted artist, excelling in various creative domains such as poetry, writing, columnism, translation, short story composition, reviewing, Ghazal writing, and editing.

One of his notable achievements is his poetry book titled "Tears Fall in My Heart." Within its pages, Adnan skillfully captures the sorrows and fluctuations of life. His verses are adorned with a myriad of emotions, spanning the spectrum from love and longing to solitude and despondency. What sets his poetry apart is the profound simplicity of both his thoughts and language. Moreover, a few of his poems bear an autobiographical essence, reflecting the profound vows and personal experiences he has encountered throughout his own life's journey.

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Shifa fatima: I was very proud to you you are a very brelient teacher. I ever received in my all school years and congratulations to you very great success in your life
akeel altaf : A great writer
received sathiya academy award of 2020

Ishmeet Kaur : Being your student is really proud for me. congrats on ur brilliant success
Ishmeet Kaur : Being your student is really proud for me. congrats on ur brilliant success
Ishmeet kaur : Being ur student is really a proud for me. Congrats on ur brilliant success.

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