You are my love and I love you.
In the odyssey of my wildedt dream,
I have searched across fiery suns
and timeless space;
And I found you.
I have sought you out from subterannean darkness,
I have treasured a word of love,
And in my sorrowed world filled with fevered stillness,
I love and love because of you.
This love I kept is some sort of madness,
Living, spreading - engulfs me in realms of death.
In one single moment,
In one discreet heartbeat,
I say I love you.
Does the earth have to fall and crumble?
Do I have to bridge chasm of blackness?
Do I have to kill infinity,
To let you know that I need you?
I have searched in the substance of ash and flesh,
But there would be no chasm,
No grave that is a home,
Until I found you.