For A Sweetheart Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You are my love and I love youA
In the odyssey of my wildedt dreamC
I have searched across fiery sunsD
and timeless spaceE
And I found youA
I have sought you out from subterannean darknessF
I have treasured a word of loveG
And in my sorrowed world filled with fevered stillnessF
I love and love because of youA
This love I kept is some sort of madnessF
Living spreading engulfs me in realms of deathH
In one single momentI
In one discreet heartbeatJ
I say I love youA
Does the earth have to fall and crumbleK
Do I have to bridge chasm of blacknessF
Do I have to kill infinityL
To let you know that I need youA
I have searched in the substance of ash and fleshM
But there would be no chasmN
No grave that is a homeO
Until I found youA

Abdilla Sumbing
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/06/2020

Poet's note: I wrote this when I was in college, in the late '60s. I wrote it for a girlfriend. The poem meant a lot for me. It was a revealation of something within me.


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