Why do you want to put a rope on your neck,
As if you are a goat picked to be slain?
Why would you like a rope to cross your neck,
As if you‟re a shirt hanged on the line to dry?

Do you consider as funny to swing on a rope,
Just like a goat that a butcher man is skinning?
Are you ready to look like a dead goat,
Dying with its tongue bitten unsteadily?

Since you‟re neither Romeo nor Juliet to die for love
Why should you die of guilty conscience like Judas Iscariot?
Lazarus did not kill himself for being poor and despised
For he regarded his life more essential than gold and silver

You're not a goat, put down the rope
You are not a cloth, don‟t think of a rope
You are not a rat, to die of pesticides
And there's no question in life with suicide as its answer

Loses are a course of life and mistakes a part of life
Don‟t lose twice; a lover is not worthy your life
They are not air that you can‟t live without
And money is not blood that we can die without

You may think you are running away from problems
Yet you‟re racing a trajectory to eternal problems
There is a way out to all your problems
Just share to have solutions to your problems
You are not a goat to die with a rope on the neck