My father and mother I leave,
Unto you I cleave.
Until one twine we weave,
And one flesh achieve.

This vow I make with love,
Sealed with this book from above.
This day have I sold,
My heart to you to hold.

Dreams of endless bliss,
Nights, like one long kiss,
Oh my love! My love glows,
Like streams, where joy flows.

Frayed with time, the edges may be;
A few knots here and there,
But this cord strong shall be,
The core, a mine of diamonds rare.

Thorns and thistle now spring,
Itching under my golden ring;
Cares and caresses ebbing away,
Tears and fears a trickle a day.

The place of my vow I stand,
Our hearts a cord of endless strand,
This garden we’ll tenderly tend,
Until we gather every thistle and thorn.

Oh my love! You’re mine to hold,
My goods; though few, are to you sworn.
Your smile is my heart’s gold,
And when you say, I love you; I swoon.