Poet of love, I sing here my whole soul to you.
Ah, might I all deeds dare, love would I prove to you.

Make I at least your praise, chaplet of sunny verse,
Each dear delight of your told to the universe.

Let me your sweetnesses, O child, enumerate.
All the proud wealth of you Love shall remunerate.

``Glory to God,'' I sigh each time I gaze at you.
Eyes that have wept all night thrill in amaze at you.

Night in your dark hair sleeps, caught in the net of it,
Emblem how dear of dreams pure as the jet of it.

Valiant joy crowns your brow, stainless its ivory.
Incense your sweet lips breathe, rose--red their livery.

Earth has no part in you. Yet do your eyes to--night
Vanquish all Earth for me, wise in their wise delight.

Evening and morning still watch your feet shod with dew,
Answering praise and prayer, fearless, your God with you.

Dare to delight our souls steeped in love's tenderness.
Earn us a wage of joy saved from the wilderness.

Lo, how my heart leaps up new life inheriting.
Armed for the fight am I, all your praise meriting.

Idly if I have lived, now am I glorious,
Daring all deeds for you, yours and victorious.

Empires shall bend and break; kingdoms shall crumble down.
Wise men shall bow the knee; wise ones look humble down.

You are the cause of it. Only your name it is
Nerves me to fight the fight stern with life's vanities.

Die! Ay, to die for you, foremost in rivalry,
Heroes to dig my grave: that were true chivalry.

All lovers there should sing, all who had wit any,
Mourn me and weep with you. Here ends my litany.