Sometimes I try to figure out about the last days,
We never know who's the first to go and who stays,
I might be here today but won't exist always,
I try to imagine what will happen when I'm gone,
When I'm no more,how many people will mourn,
Will all my loved ones attend my burial zone?
The devil on my shoulder is giving me these lucid dreams,
Where most of you will be posting me on your statuses like memes,
Even my haters shall dress on black like they do in films,
Sounds funny but most of you shall remember this,
When all your phones read "Whizz Ian Rest In peace,"
I'll only exist in memories and images which most of you don't have even a single piece,
Who'll comfort my mom and dad when I'm six feet deep?
How many eyes will shade tears when it's time for this trip?
How I wish I could watch my end of time clip,
Most people will be hurt but the're those who'll feel it like burning Spears,
If life could be shared some would wish to give me their years,
But it's all in vain you won't be able to hold your tears,
As time goes by, the day gets near,
For those who aren't sure it's time for you to hear,
Everyone must follow this path so there's nothing to fear,