I'm getting the heat intensity,
Oops,this isn't hell,
All the devils are'nt around,
The chains are melting this time round,
One thing I'm sure of,this isn't hell!
I've been watching at a distances,
The flames have no end,
I can't find the altar,
And I seem to be all alone in the ocean of flames,
Feels like the Angels hear me calling but there's nothing they can do anyway,
Lord give me a break,
This place is worse,hell is a better place to stay,
The scars are burning yet I get back to it everyday,
I need them drugs,
I want them hugs,
I want everything to put this pain away!
If love was a person i'd bribe and get away,
I don't need you anymore,
let's seperate you be the arrow i'll be the bow,