Our world;United States of happiness,
Its slogan is simplicity for righteousness,
A world governed by theories of the majority,
So many reasons to life and so many reasons to suffering,
Listen to the majority and remain craving,
Wishing and wishing and wishing,
Get less money and avoid fame,
Work hard and you're illuminati to them,
The perspectives of the society today,
If not black or white it's good or evil,
If you don't belong to a cult you're for the devil,
Love is good and love is evil,
The ugly marry,the beautiful are a problem,
Engage in lifestyle pleasures and you become an anthem,
Seek and you shall find but don't find what the minority seek,
Find wine,find sex find drugs and you're sick!
Everything real looks fake,everything fake looks real,
All this life is a trick!
Adam and Eve can bear me witness