Where are you my darling
I tried calling out your name but I met no reponse
I tried reaching out to you but you are no where to be seen, honey
Where are you, I need you to set me free from these nightmares.
Is it because I miss you so much, that I have to go through all this pain?
My body shakes, cause have missed your touch,
The wells of my lips had run dry, cause have missed your kisses,
Am all alone again, cause have missed your company .
Please come back, you are so far away from me baby,
Remember how we used to walk beside the lake, looking at the sunset,
Remember how we walk the parks on Saturday holding our hands,
Remember how we used to sing on Sunday after church choir.
Hurry up, my candle grows dimmer, come and fill me up
Am ready to walk a thousand miles just to see that breath taking smile on your face, cause have missed you honey