Who is Victor Okumu

Born Kenyan, in Nyanza region, in a family of five, being the only boy in family. Grew up to love and appreciate the nature and what it gives to mankind. Develop interest in reading and studying. Currently am undergraduate student in Moi University pursuing a degree in political science and public administration. ...
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Victor Okumu Poems

  • Light At The End
    Sometimes life seems unfair
    With nothing else to stare
    And every dream became Blur
  • I Miss You
    Where are you my darling
    I tried calling out your name but I met no reponse
    I tried reaching out to you but you are no where to be seen, honey
    Where are you, I need you to set me free from these nightmares. ...
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The waters chased him as he fled
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The waters chased him as he fled,
Not daring look behind-
A billow whispered in his Ear,
“Come home with me, my friend-
My parlor is of shriven glass,
My pantry has a fish

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