For glory and for pride
I must show that I'm worthy,
I'm worthy of undying love
And it would last eternally.

Eternal care and symphaty
Eternal all around,
If only I could make it true
And then, I would be found.

No longer in the sea of sorrow and regret,
No longer worry I forget,
Because what's suffering for
If you don't make it worth it.

But feelings come and go,
The vicious way of living.
To let emotions control you,
To not control your hue.

In beautifully crafted traps
You keep failling and falling,
You cannot take your eyes off them
And start to like the feeling.

You think you're weak because you're prone
To failluire and sadness,
Truth is, it's nothing more,
Than how for some, this life is.

But you can prove the universe,
You're not just meant to drown
That all your effort grows success,
No one can keep you down.

Firmly believing they are right,
They start to chew away my plan,
What does light mean when you are blind,
And you deny to listen left and right.

Eternal punishment would be,
If you reject humanity,
If you reject your right to see,
On how to fail effectively.

The difference between you and me.

Jealous and confined,
Deep inside my mind,
Moral compass gone,
What have I become?

Who dares to love a monster,
A complete, sad, disaster,
Who still lies to himself,
And wants to end it faster.

Evolving hate and pain,
Not wanting to escape,
From suffering decay,
That aches and drains my brain.

Run and hide,
Until I find,
And lose sight,
And lose my pride.