Should I say I know about your pains,
Will you admit and be true to yourself, if not me?
Or you prefer to say it’s fine and wallow in misery all alone?
I heard the wise men say, problems shared are half solved
But with you it’s different.

So many times, I tried to talk and untie you from the burden
Yet you tie you down with another lie
What can I do to make you see that I am here to take the misery and self regrets/guilt away?
How do I make you see that, I have tasted this bitter cup, so long and it isn’t cool for any?
Countless times I’ve sat you down, to let you know also about my struggles
And how I fail more than I am succeeding
How my errors if weigh will beat down my right
Can’t you see my fight between body and soul by my living?
Still yet, I am not ready to give up until it ends
I wish you do same too

It hurts to see you off track but you seem not to care
It hurts more that I bore the message of the one from grace to grass
And how I watched mama cried tears that sent me in wonders
But it’s all coming clear because things have fallen apart.
What be of her seedlings Lord if you remain mute?
I don’t see any of the victims surviving this without your aid
I believe it’s only you that knows our internal struggles can heal
Only you that see our imperfection where others see perfection can save
Only you who knows when men do us wrong can deliver
I believe only you oh! Lord who has seen ahead can direct our ways
Only you who knows the reason for a fragile heart like mine
Can testify that without it, which make men see but a weakling in me
I will be a beast, heartless and with no more human feelings.
I embrace this gift with thanks giving
Let your voice echo once again and awaken the closed gates.