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  • So Many Times
    I seat and fantasize
    You and I as one
    And the feelings we could share.
    Daily I wish to hold you here ...
  • I Am Nothing
    While I was down
    Sinking deep in anguish and sorrows
    None could help even though they wanted to
    How it felt sure they didn’t understand ...
  • I Have A Baby
    And she’s so found of me
    I love her and she love me too
    There is never a boring moment with her
    Never have I seen the kind of her restlessness in any child ...
  • I Am Failure
    A friend in disguise
    My absence yield but a little success
    But when I pass by
    You learn even the unknown ...
  • Battle Of Regrets
    The toughest fight you will ever engage
    Is war against one self
    Fighting against self-guilt
    It hurt even more than an injury on the skin. ...
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  • I am just testing things One day, i will test nothing.
  • You don't have to be at the top of the game always. Below sometimes and learn new strategies from the top.
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