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  • My Brother
    You and I are children of differend mothers
    Yet of a woman
    We both speak in our various dialects and styles
    But aim for the one heavenly language ...
  • I Return It All To Jah
    For the days so far in my life
    For the life i've lead in the days
    For the pen a venom and healing balm
    For it seizing sometimes ...
  • Poetry
    You are the reason why i write
    The beauty in every piece i paint
    The hidden meaning in every piece i've drop
    My bitter sweet bitterleaf ...
  • Tales From A Broken Heart
    I found your name hanging dormant in the poetry of life
    An unsung song painted to mind
    By the hand of fate.
    Memories so dear to heart ...
  • Just Because I Am A Poet
    I now made secret enemies
    With the way I look at the world
    In my rare view
    And there are some who couldn't help ...
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  • I am just testing things One day, i will test nothing.
  • You don't have to be at the top of the game always. Below sometimes and learn new strategies from the top.
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