My name is depression and I am a killer,
I am everywhere, I am the darkness, the grief, the sadness.
Once I enter your head, it would be hard for you to get me off of your system.

There was this girl, her name is Anna
She's just seventeen but I killed her.
I killed her happiness, her joy and I filled her life with nagativity, I swallowed her.

She cannot smile nor laugh
Funny How she tried to smile and laugh to hide her sadness and pain but I didn't let her because What I bring is a life full of emptiness.

I am a killer, a killer who cannot be sued and there's only one way to stop me, it's either I'll kill you or you'll kill me
Whatever you'll choose, you will still be dead.

I am depression, I am a killer,
I am your worst enemy and Anna? Anna is not just my victim.
I have killed a lot of them, I am the killer who can kill the cops without being put in jai.
I can kill the prosecutors, the professionals, even the most powerful human in the nation!

I can enter their head, because the best way to kill a person is to kill them inside.
I can feed them shits until they crawl to bed, they're alive yet they will be living with the hell inside them.

I can bring anxieties, insecurities until you'll choose to lock yourself in a room hang yourself, be familiar with your eyelids, ran out of breath and die.