Venom On Fresh Wounds Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Caged in a lions denA
Weak upon kisses of dynasties of snakesB
Screaming like a helpless henA
Pleading for mercy at a knife pointC
Lamentations of chicks echoing but unheardD
Locked behind bars of traumaE
I watch innocent chicks devastatedF
As mambas that once were unicorns stage dramaE
Spitting more venom on their paralysed legsG
Eating their growers mash left in stockH
Electrocuted in sand laid by natureI
Another snake practicing biting targetJ
On my right foot oh I curse this creatureI
For pouring a new liter of miseryK
Henceforth stealing my walking abilityK
Appeased in my mind seeing scabsL
Covering dozens of lacerationsM
On that special day a warrior of six absN
Wipes all snakes out of existenceO
These are dreams I swallow and drug me like morselsP
Trapped inside the battleQ
Wrestling boiling venom in my bloodF
Nonetheless they smile with a short lived zeal so subtleQ
Hiding branded snake flags in their outfitsR
Indeed snakes in snails clothing existS

Symon Maguru
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/26/2021

Poet's note: Growing up under a political arena where politicians present themselves as unicorns and white horses during campaign period. Symon Maguru reflects on that experience in a poem "VENOM ON FRESH WOUNDS" which talk about how politicians add more problems on existing ones. The title takes an imagination of an angry snake spitting venom on someone who is already injured, on a connotative point of view it symbolises politicians who come to people in a white horse clothing while they are snakes.


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