For sure I can’t lie
The Alphabet of guilt written on my face
Tears and sweat helping me eat a humble pie
On my knees I fulfill Psalms 95 vs 6
Just before you strike my soul and die
On this alter here I come.

I kneel crawling near thee
Like a wounded animal
Cried in confession too long; can’t you see?
Indeed I’m a bizarre
A loss in cost of production of a tree
Sowing Apples reaping Lemons.

With smooth echoes of my voice
Trillion miles away hear my entreaty
As my days are probability like a rolling dice
Of course I annoy you
Yet none I’m left with but a choice
To disinfect my decay.

So help me out to cleanse
Impurities of my mind and body
To calm the storm and please
Only you the all-knowing Emperor
Who takes my flaws and crimes at ease!
Even though I deserve not a snippet of mercy.

Teach me the art of discipline
Let my heart welcome it and learn it
Walk in day light and shine like crystalline
Execute all trash stinking on me
Give me fear to flee sin with flowing adrenaline
Promote me as your decorated servant.

Unholy I’ve acted against my conscience
All I see is fire awaiting
Either I choose to be a wretch or it is pretence
Wishing you could cut the tumour inside me
Sweep away dust of ineptitude
For this plea is honey on a rotten tree.