A thousand miles, to touch the far sky,
I wonder if our love can still abide by,
The rules, that are meant to keep us close and strong,
Can thousand miles take away the treasure we belong?

Each step now I take, the distance prolongs,
On the way home, now I chant dreary songs,
And the petty heart, burdened with new elegies,
The bard is shackled, to these loving memories.

The miles between us, may be a thousand or more,
But our heart under the same sun, beating in a unison,
I am jealous of the days we used to stay all aligned,
Still I dream to walk together thousand more miles.

Sometimes, this distance gives a hellish smile,
Will we meet again, or is this dream a wicked lie?
The miles between us seem like the far sky,
Hard to reach, but impossible to say goodbye.

So hope is all alive, stars blink under clouds,
Together we will walk thousand miles, I vowed,
That our love will be more than a mythical lore,
And our dream will not have to regret anymore.

So this lonesome bard waits for the amaranthine dawn,
May time not betray, and this jinxed agony will be gone,
The clock awfully tics, every heartbeat repeats,
Days bring me closer to my long-awaited meet.