Having a puddle of dreams in her eyes,
Even after losing her ideal ones,
With no anger and despise,
At a tender age she was carrying burdens!
Coming to a new and unknown place,
The fear was grasping her from inside,
Still she hoped having god's grace,
She left everything beside!
Searching for works to earn a single penny,
For getting a piece of bread,
Though everything seemed to be eerie,
Her hopes were woven by a thread!
Drowned by sadness still having charisma,
Never detached herself from her,
Waiting for better days to come in that miasma,
Having teary eyes still she endeavoured!
Turning the corner at one night ,
She found an abandoned book,
It seemed like it was going to enlight,
Which left her shook!
Who knew her life would hit her so dense?
Not negatively but positively,
She was achieving something with no vence,
Which was going to change her life surely!!!