Lookin' at the moon with the chin on my cupped palms,
with the curtains of the window blowing with twinkling stars,
Everything turned up and down with right and wrong,
but the darkness was swaying being strong !

Moon uttered to look at its glowing beauty,
which appears late but light up with the serenity,
Never to bow down and never to fade away,
is what the moon advised on its way !

"How are you defeating the darkness?",asked I,
"it's my knack of showing everyone the light" with a sigh ,
said the moon with the clouds being fierce on their path
but it didn't let those hinder it from glowing from dark !

Then the cold wind caressed me and moon said softly,
"it's okay to not come out of your bed dearie,
but you've to shine all the way to be recognised,
it's not others but you who should bring your time" !