Be aisy an' list to a chune
That's sung of bowld Tim the Dragoon-
Sure, 'twas he'd niver miss
To be stalin' a kiss,
Or a brace, by the light of the moon-
Wid a wink at the Man in the Moon!
Rest his sowl where the daisies grow thick;
For he's gone from the land of the quick:
But he's still makin' love
To the leddies above,
An' be jabbers! he'll tache 'em the thrick-
Niver doubt but he'll tache 'em the thrick!
'Tis by Tim the dear saints'll set sthore,
And 'ull thrate him to whisky galore:
For they 've only to sip
But the tip of his lip
An' bedad! they'll be askin' for more-
By the powers, they'll be shoutin' 'Ancore!'